Tips on Getting Kids to Drink Goat Milk


Here are ways parents and caregivers can use to ensure their kids get the required amount of goat milk each day.  It is not always easy to encourage kids to drink goat milk, but it is good for them. Therefore, try turning plain goat milk into flavored milk to get kids to drink more milk. It has the same ingredients as plain goat milk. If your kids do not like plain goat milk try the other alternatives listed below.


  1. Serve goat milk chilled, the way kids like it. Pour it right before serving and promptly return the container to the refrigerator so the goat milk maintains its flavor.
  2. Be a role model. When children see you drink goat milk, they are more likely to drink it, too
  3. Serve goat milk at meals. Set expectations ahead of time that goat milk is the beverage of choice at meal times.
  4. Serve flavored goat milk at home like the addition of fruits juice, coffee or tea. Kids love it, and gramme for gramme it has the same nutrients as unflavored milk. Coffee and tea flavored milk has gained substantial popularity among adults. The most common and equally popular practice is the addition of milk in coffee or tea.
  5. Stock the fridge with single-serve containers of goat milk that can be packed easily for when they have outings or go to school.
  6. Serve goat milk in special glasses and with a straw. Let older kids use mix-ins to create a new milk flavor.
  7. Let children use a straw to drink the goat milk left in the bowl after finishing their cereal.
  8. Order Goat Milk  or low-fat flavored milk in kid-friendly, single-serve containers instead of soda when eating out.
  9. Remind children to drink milk with school lunch. Studies show that when children drink milk at lunch, they have higher intakes of several critical nutrients, including calcium, zinc and vitamin A.
  10. Pack a milk carton along with their food for school recess.
  11. Heat the goat milk. If your kids are having trouble sleeping, make them a cup of hot milk. People say a glass of warm milk will help anyone sleep, so pour out a cup of milk and either put it in the microwave for a minute or heat it in a saucepan on your stove.

With the increasing awareness on good health, many people are switching over to goat milk and coffee-flavoured goat milk. The calcium, casein and phosphorous in goat milk may protect teeth against cavities.