How To Make Cheese Ravioli – Easy and Popular Gourmet Recipe


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The simple homemade Cheese Ravioli will boost your gourmet cooking credit in just a short time. Just stuff it with cheese and best of all, you can prepare this inexpensive meal for 2 in just less than an hour.




  • Fresh goat cheese – chevre, mozzarella or other soft cheese
  • Wonton skins – available in grocery stores for oriental wontons
  • 2 eggs – egg whites




  1. Keep a wet towel over the wonton skins while working to keep them soft and pliable so they would not crack.
  2. Fill each skin with a dab of cheese, (Frozen cheese works best, as it does not melt clear out of the ravioli), fold over and seal the edges with egg whites brushed on the seams.
  3. Bake, boil or fry the ravioli and serve them with a good red tomato sauce of your choice, grate some fresh cheese over it, and Enjoy!



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Nutritional facts:

The Cheese Ravioli contains 346 Calories per serving; – Fat 15g, Carbohydrate 35g, Protein 18g, Sodium 763mg, Cholesterol 119mg.