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Goat milk cheese is a food consisting of proteins and fat from goat milk. It is produced by coagulation of the milk protein casein. Typically, the goat milk is acidified and the addition of rennet causes coagulation. The solids are then separated and pressed into final form. Some cheeses also contain mould either on the outer rind or throughout. It has a different color and structure and taste than that of regular cheese. It is usually white and breaks apart quickly.

Goat milk is highly suitable for the production of different varieties of soft cheeses that are popular in Europe, France, USA, Spain, Yugoslavia, Italy etc. The goat milk can be admixed with buffalo milk at 50:50 level for the manufacture of Mozzarella cheese. The cheese made from goat milk had higher retention of moisture and lower sodium content, higher fat and dry matter content and the organoleptic quality is definitely superior when compared with cow milk cheese.

In Italy, cheese made from goat milk are either consumed fresh or ripened for 2 months. For ripening the cheese, white or blue moulds are used in order to produce a strong flavour and proper rind formation. The cheese made from goat milk is known for the desirable sharp flavour due to the presence of higher concentration of medium chain fatty acids. In many states of European Union, the goat milk cheese is marketed as premium quality.

Trials have been carried out by mixing 10-25% of goat milk in buffalo milk to produce cheddar cheese, which developed sharp and balanced flavour within 6 months of ripening. At 15% replacement in buffalo milk, the Gouda cheese developed pronounced flavour.  Domiati cheese made from fresh goat milk and ripened for 90 days exhibited that the rennet type had little effect on the yield, acidity, moisture content, fat, salt, ratio between soluble nitrogen to total nitrogen, total volatile fatty acids and non protein nitrogen of cheese.

Summer is also the natural season for fresh goat milk cheese such as chevre. A word about storing cheeses in warm weather. All of them should be kept in the refrigerator. Creamy or sticky fresh goat cheese should first be wrapped tightly in plastic wrap. Be sure to use a fresh sheet of wrapping paper each time you rewrap the cheese.

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