Marketing Goat Milk Products

Recently, at Northern California, the Women Entrepreneurs campaigned to promote the goodness of goat milk. Using the G.O.A.T (Greatest of all time) in promoting their message of the goodness of goat milk and it’s dairy products, and I must say there were  signs of progress. Now that goat milk products have begun to enter the mainstream, there are many opportunities to do much more to help consumers recognize the value and benefits of goat milk and it’s products.

The most important, quality standard for goat milk is acceptable, attractive milk odour and taste. Two formidable barriers exist in marketing goat milk products are : 1) negative public perception of goatly flavor and 2) seasonal milk production, which prevents year-round uniform marketing. To overcome these shortcomings and achieve a sustainable dairy goat products industry, effective strategies have to be sought.

Technological approaches are needed to resolve the seasonal milk supply, such as ultra-filtration of milk, freezing and storage of curds, spray-drying and production of mixed milk cheeses. Ultra-filtration was used for the production of retentate (very high fat and protein liquid) to make pre-cheese fraction that is subsequently made into cheese. Goat cheeses can be made during off-season using the ultra-filtered spray-fried retentate, that can be reconstituted in to cheese and stored frozen for later use.

Key factors for successful marketing of  goats milk products are :

1) Consumer perception of safety and nutrition

2) Quality of flavor, body texture and appearance

3) Availability of specialty types

4) ReBranding

5) Attractiveness of packaging

6) Relative price of products

7) Establishment of proper distribution and marketing channels

8) Development of  goat milk Skin Care Products

Various goat milk products including fluid, fermented, frozen, condensed and dehydrated milk products are produced in many countries. Cheese is the most important goat dairy commodity, traded in large quantities among and within nation. There is high variation in nutritional, chemical and rheological compositions between and within goat products due to the multiplicity of manufacturing, localities, management, procedures and animals factors.

“Food for thought” Technological advances are required for a uniform supply of dairy goat products. Promotion of consumer perception, including aggressive participation and supporting World Milk Day, rebranding dairy goat products, identification of proper distribution and marketing channels and development of specialty-type goat products including goat milk  Skin Care Oroducts are crucial for establishment of a successful and profitable goat milk products industry.  It is going to be a long uphill task and battle to get recognition in this billion dollar industry and there are many more challenges ahead but I believe we shall see more progress in the future.