How to Select and Store Goat Milk?




Goat milk, like cow milk, can spoil quickly if not properly stored. If spoiled, goat milk will have a bitter taste. Also, the smell of spoilage is unmistakable, possessing a similar rancid scent to spoiled cow milk.



The fat globules in goat milk are small enough to remain suspended in the liquid. These fatty clumps can lead some to erroneously believe the milk has spoiled. Shaking or stirring the milk will help break up the clumps.


How to Select Goat Milk?


When purchasing goat milk, always use the ‘Best before’ date as a guide to the shelf life of the goat milk. Choose a milk container that has the latest expiration date you can find. Smell the top of the container to make sure that the milk does not smell of spoilage, normally occurs when stored for a period of time outside of the refrigerator or in a storage room. Select goat milk from the coldest compartment in the refrigerator, which is usually the lower section.


How to Store Goat Milk?


Glass is the best option for storing raw milk because it is easily cleaned and sterilized. Place the milk into the refrigerator as soon as you get home. Use 1 quart wide mouth mason jars and gallon glass jars (1 gallon pickle jars). I would suggest the wide mouth jars because you can fit your hand into them and really scrub them and get them clean. Use quart mason jars to store if you do not have so much milk to store. Otherwise, go for bigger jars if you have so much milk to store. Do not use plastic container for storage. Plastic cannot be properly cleaned and sterilized. Never reuse milk jugs from the store; they cannot be cleaned well enough at all and will contaminate your fresh milk.

Goat milk should always be refrigerated and keep it between 35-38 degrees since higher temperatures can cause it to turn sour more rapidly. Always seal or close the milk container when storing it to prevent it from absorbing the aromas of other foods in the refrigerator. Avoid storing goat milk near or in the refrigerator door since this exposes it to too much heat each time the refrigerator is opened and closed.


How to store fresh milk for use during the winter?


All you have to do is just pour the fresh milk (still warm from the goat) into new quart Ziploc freezer bags and stack them in the freezer. Use REAL Ziploc bags because “off brands” tend to leak. Do not freeze in glass! Glass is extremely dangerous, it can break very easily in the freezer – as the milk expands when it freezes. Never freeze in milk jugs from the store; they cannot be cleaned well enough at all and will contaminate your milk. When you thaw your milk (in the Ziploc bags) be ready for the bags to leak, they normally do. Put the bags in a dish as you thaw the milk. I thaw in the fridge and sometimes in the microwave. Thawed milk can have clumps in it but, it is nothing to worry about. I find that frozen milk will keep fine for 6 – 8 months in the deep freeze.