How to Prepare Carrot Enriched Goat Milk

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The rich nutrient content of carrot, especially, Vitamin A and its precursor carotene can not be questioned. It is also rich in health giving fibre. Some people relish carrot as such in its raw form and some cook and use it. Another form of utilization is extraction of juice from carrot. But carrot juice when consumed as such will not be tasty. It has to be added with sugar. Just to make the carrot juice tasty and at the same time utilize the nutrients present in the juice in its natural form, carrot juice can be added with goat milk to make “CARROT MILK”.

To prepare carrot enriched goat milk, the required quantity of carrot is thoroughly washed and cleaned.  Then it is cut into small pieces or it can be grated into fine pieces in a grater and beaten thoroughly after adding small quantity of water in a grinder or mixer

The outer covering of cardamom is removed and beaten in a mixer or grinder along with small quantity of sugar.

The required volume of milk is taken in a container and boiled. Now add the carrot mixture and required quantity of sugar and pulverized cardamom-sugar mixture in to the boiling goat milk and keep boiling for a few minutes.

Then stop the boiling process, filter the milk containing the carrot through a clean muslin cloth or any good filter, cool it and yes, you get the carrot enriched milk, rich in vitamin A.

Scientific evidence shows that the normal beta carotene (precursor of vitamin A) content of goat milk, carrot juice and carotene enriched milk is 0.45, 60 and 5.9 micrograms per ml respectively. There was no significant reduction in beta carotene content of the carotene enriched milk (vitaminized or  carrot enriched milk) when stored at 5°C during one week storage. The daily requirement of vitamin A is 5000 IU and 200 ml of the carotene enriched milk meets 20 per cent of the daily requirement of vitamin A.

It is refreshingly cool and a fine way to welcoming your guest with that cool CARROT ENRICHED GOAT MILK!


  • 1 Litre Goat Milk
  • 100 gm Carrot
  • 100 gm Sugar
  • A few Cardamon

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