Simple Tips to Make Kefir Cheese – DIY

Kefir cheese is a fresh, sweet curd cheese, similar to paneer or cottage cheese . This cottage cheese is quick and easy to prepare, and is a rennet-free cheese.



  • 1 gal.  Fresh goat milk
  • 2 cups Kefir –preferably an extra sour kefir brewed for 2 days or 2-day refrigerated kefir, although freshly strained kefir will do
  • ½ tsp.  sea salt to taste



  • Heat milk to about 140°F.
  • While gently stirring the milk, slowly pour kefir into the milk as a slow steady stream. Do not stir too fast or too vigorously or for too long or the curds will break apart and become un retrievable. The curds should begin separating from the whey– the whey should be reasonably clear and not milky. If the whey is still milky, either increase the heat, or add a little extra kefir (while very gently stirring for a short time only) until the whey becomes reasonably clear. Let sit for 2 minutes.
  • Remove curds by skimming with a strainer.
  • Place curds in either a pre-moistened cheesecloth lined colander, or in a suitable mesh-type strainer. * Optional – (Add a little sea salt in the fresh curd).
  • Let curds drain for about 15 minutes. And that’s it!


* Optional – A little sea salt to taste may be added to the fresh cheese. You can add sea salt to the fresh milk prior adding kefir, or, add a little sea salt in the fresh curd.


The recipe makes a nutritious, low-fat cheese.