DIY Preserve Goat Milk


Nubian, England

Nubian, England


Pasteurizing goat milk kills unnecessary bacteria and extends the refrigerated life of your milk. It is an easy and simple process that any individuals  can master.


Double Boiler

  • Fill the bottom of your double boiler with a couple inches of water.
  • Pour your fresh goat milk into the inner pan.
  • Pour a few inches of cold water into your sink.
  • Heat the milk until it reaches 161 degrees F and hold it there for 30 seconds. Candy thermometers usually have handy clips on them so you can have it sitting in the milk the whole time.
  • Remove pan from heat and set the pan down inside your waiting sink of cold water to cool your pan and milk.
  • When the milk temperature is below 127 degrees F, replace the cooling water with ice water and continue to cool the milk, Stirling once every 30 seconds until the milk reaches 39 degree F or below
  • Pour the milk into the clean milk jugs and store in the fridge below 39 degrees F.


And there are other three easy ways to do this:


Slow Cooker:  Simply heat milk on low until hot enough. This should take 2-4 hours, depending on crock size and milk volume.


Microwave: This method would kill pathogens if you topped 161 degrees F for the required 30 seconds. But it is difficult to judge temperature and hot spots in microwaved food, meaning your milk may burn or not all areas may reach safe levels.


Stovetop:  This method is quick and can be done in any pot that holds liquid. Caveats: it is easy to scorch milk if you don’t pay careful attention and stir often. If you use medium heat, you must pay close attention. If you use higher heat you could accidentally burn the milk.