“Simple Tips to Make Vinegar Cheese”


There are several quick and easier cheeses to make with fresh goat milk. This simple vinegar  cheese is one of the few.



  • 2 gallons goat milk
  • 1/2 cup or more vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt



  • Heat milk to 185°F in a stainless steel pot.
  • Add vinegar until the milk begins to curdle, approximately 1/2 cup for 2 gallons of  milk. Once the milk begins to curdle, stir well, and cover and let sit with no heat under it for an hour or more.
  • Then ladle cheese curds into a lined colander (cheese cloth) and let drain over another pan to catch the whey. You can stop draining while soft and creamy for a soft spreadable cheese, or drain longer for a drier, crumbly cheese.
  • Mix in approximately 1 teaspoon sea salt to taste  and whichever seasonings you choose: –  Dill, garlic and herbs, green onion —the choices are yours, limitless!
  • Chill and enjoy on breads, salads, crackers, in pasta dishes and more.

How to Enjoy Goat Milk Cheeses

Delicious in many ways:

There are a varieties of goat milk cheeses available, like the Sweet combination, Wine combination and Chevre chaud. However, the varieties of goat milk cheese are not merely due to the various tastes but also partly due to the flexibility the cheese offer with its combination. Goat milk cheese can be savor both cold and warm and the way it is served will normally indicates the time of the year. Throughout the year, only during winter production of goat milk is temporarily suspended, at least for a few weeks therefore, it  is not available at year end.

Sweet combination

Chocolate mousse is not the only option for dessert, goat milk cream cheese combined with fruit is surprisingly tasty. The combination of mild soft goat milk cheese and strawberry or raspberry mousse  is a very harmonic combination. Exotic fruits are also a very compatible match to French goat milk cheese. You can also try pineapple with a Chabichou or mango with goat milk cream cheese.

Wine combination

The enjoyment can be completed with a matching wine. Particularly compatible wines are chosen from the same region as that of the goat milk cheese. A light Cotes du Rhone to Picodon , Tourraine Sauvignon to Sainte-Maure, Cotes du Ventoux to Pelardon , just to name a few. Champagne and fresh goat cheese also complement one another.

Additionally, it is also the taste and the maturity of the cheese that determines a suitable wine. Generally, goat milk cheese taste better with white wines than red wine especially salty goat cheese.

Chevre chaud

Chevre chaud is a French dish consisting of Chevre cheese served hot, the warm goat milk cheese which is coated in breadcrumbs or wrapped in bacon and is warmed in the oven. Several other variations are also available and are usually served on  baguette.