Are you giving your Kids what they need to stay Healthy?


From the age of 4 to 12 years old, kids are learning actively. They love to explore things around their environment. Therefore, they will need to have sufficient nutrients to support their rapid growth. Giving them goat milk helps support the 10 signs of good nutrition, which leads to a healthier child.

10 Signs of good nutrition:

    1. Right Weight For Their Height – Being overweight or underweight is not good for your kids. Give them a balanced diet for optimum growth.
    2. Clear Skin – Apart from Vitamin C, Vitamin A which is found in milk is important to maintain healthy skin.
    3. Good Muscle Development – Having sufficient exercise and nutrition encourage good muscle development, which enables kids to be stronger as they get more active.
    4. Good Eyesight – Good nutrition and good habits help maintain good eyesight. Ensure that your kids keep a good distance from the screen when watching television.
    5. Strong Bones and Teeth – Goat milk contains calcium and Vitamin D, two important nutrients for building stronger bones and teeth.
    6. Shiny and Lustrous Hair – On an average, a child’s hair grows 0.6 cm a month. Good nutrition can helps the hair look healthy.
    7. Good Appetite – Be more creative in how you serve milk to whet your kid’s appetite. For example, make them milkshakes and smoothies.
    8. Good Posture – Teach your kids to sit up straight. When lifting heavy things, do not bend over. Squat and lift instead.
    9. Alert and Cheerful – Encourage your kids to play games that stimulate their thinking, like puzzles, to help them develop a sharper and more alert mind.
    10. Sound Sleep – Apart from good nutrition, sleep is essential for growth. Ensure that your kid gets 10 – 11 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night.